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We appreciate that the UK immigration process can be difficult to understand. If you have any immigration related questions, please contact our immigration team. We can help you with:

If you are settled in the UK and/or a British citizen, we could help you with your visa application for your spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner to join you in the UK or to remain in the UK.


If you have a relative outside of the UK that requires long- term care that is unavailable in their home country, we could help you with your visa permission application for that relative to join you in the UK if the necessary health care is unavailable or unaffordable in their home country.


Do you have a child outside of the UK? If yes, and you are settled in the UK or a British citizen, we could help you apply for permission for your child to join you in the UK.


As a parent of a child that is a British citizen, we could help you with your application to join your child in the UK.


If you believe that you have satisfied the indefinite leave to remain conditions and criteria, including meeting a period of continuous residence in the UK and demonstrating knowledge of the English language, we can help you with your indefinite leave to remain application.


If you have lived in the UK continuously and lawfully for ten years, you may apply to settle in the UK on this basis. Alternatively, the 20-year rule on long residence is contained in Appendix Private Life of the Immigration Rules.


If you believe that you meet the criteria for British naturalisation and citizenship, including the minimum period of residence and good character requirements, we can help you apply to naturalise as a British citizen. In certain situations, adults and children may be able to acquire British citizenship by ‘registration’.

Who Will Carry Out The Work?

Our Immigration Department will assign your matter to the most experienced and suitable solicitor. The solicitor with conduct of your matter will contact you to conduct an initial assessment of your case.

Cost Information

After our initial assessment of your matter, we will advise you about the potential cost of your case before we start any work for you. The cost information, including disbursements, will be set out on your initial assessment or client care letter.

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