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About Us

Mission Statement

We are a young and dynamic law firm providing practical legal services and solutions to clients in the UK. Our aim is to understand our clients’ objectives as their success is a measure of our success. We take the time to understand and evaluate our clients’ objectives, and we will work tirelessly to match and exceed their expectations. In pursuit of our mission, we aim to provide excellent and innovative legal solutions for our clients.


In pursuit of our aim, we are dedicated to the following standards:

  • For our community: we aim to continue our long tradition of dedicated service with socially responsible practices whilst maintaining a stable and profitable business to benefit the greater community.

  • For our clients: we aim to work hard to provide competent legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner without compromising our professional obligations and individual and corporate integrity.

  • For our firm: we aim to foster and promote an enjoyable working environment with open communication and mutual respect whilst encouraging innovation, teamwork and loyalty

Our Aim

Our aim is to understand our client’s objectives as their success is a measure of our success.

Our Team

Our staff are down to earth and accessible people. We are primarily motivated by the delivery of quality legal advice and assistance to all our clients.


We go beyond just answering questions or clarifying points of law. Our work history shows that we deliver the highest quality solutions with exacting standards. Clients come to us because we go the extra mile to get results for them.



Dr. Taqi is a solicitor in England and Wales, specializing in Property/Conveyancing, Immigration Law and Housing Law. He is also an accredited Asylum and Immigration Senior caseworker with Supervisor status under the Law Society’s Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation scheme. Dr Taqi is also a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths.

Professional Male


Glenn is a Legal Executive with over 20 years legal experience. He is an Asylum and Immigration Senior caseworker with Supervisor status and accredited by The Law Society under its Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation scheme. Glenn holds a master’s degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from SOAS. His work involves detained fast- track casework and training and supervising new recruits to the firm.

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Mrs. Shen Turgut is a qualified Paralegal. She is fluent in Turkish, and has worked in the areas of Immigration Law, Property Law and Housing for over 20 years.

Law Attorney


Loraine is a trainee solicitor. She supports our caseworkers and solicitors in their work and is responsible for dealing with the firm’s external communications.

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