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Empowering Clients Globally with Bespoke Legal Solutions and Personalised Services

About Us

We are a young and dynamic UK law firm providing legal expertise with sound practical knowledge to clients worldwide. For the full range of the services we offer, please take a look at Our Services web page.

Our staff are down to earth, accessible people whose primary motivation is delivering quality advice and answering questions or clarifying points of law. Our work is of the highest quality and promoting our clients best interests and securing favourable outcomes for them is our primary motivation.

Our Motto

Our aim is to understand our client’s objectives as their success is a measure of our success.
- Dr Taqi, Managing Director -

A Succesful Engagement

Our firm purposefully exists to provide quality legal services and solutions for our clients myriad legal problems. This raison d'etre permeates all aspects of our work, and all our operations are geared towards achieving the highest quality outputs. We strive to ensure that all personnel within the firm work diligently to satisfy our clients’ objectives and adhere to our regulatory standards. In addition to providing reliable personalized legal services, all our clients can expect their caseworker and/or solicitor to be available within working hours; approachable with reasonable enquiries; comprehensible when giving legal advice and assistance; prompt to respond to queries and courteous always.

Our quality standards form the bedrock of all our operations, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the manner in which we carry out work on their case.

Our case studies reflect our adherence to the quality standards we aspire to. The positive outcomes achieved for our clients show our dedication and commitment in competently progressing their cases.

Housing Case Study

Accelerated Possession

Case Study - Housing - Accelerated Possession

Immigration Case Study

Child Asylum

Case Study – Immigration – ​Child Asylum

Immigration Case Study

UK Entry Clearance Appeal

Case Study - Immigration - ​UK Entry Clearance Appeal

Keys To The New Place

Housing for Landlord & Estate Agents

Our team of solicitors and qualified caseworkers will create a bespoke legal administrative package that will help you navigate the pending housing reforms, including:
​Navigating the rent issues.

Managing your tenancy agreements and eviction process ·

Dealing with complaints, the new private landlord ombudsman, discrimination allegations.

Outlining and implementing the new housing standards and Property Portal ·

Setting out a robust standard periodic tenancy and managing the new eviction regime.

Our Team

The consequence of the Firm’s pursuit of quality standards is that all personnel within the Firm judge their actions from the client’s viewpoint. We are dedicated towards providing the highest levels of technical legal expertise which we always aim to deliver with the requisite care and dedication.



Dr Taqi is a solicitor of England and Wales. He has been practising law for over twenty years and specialises in Property...

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Glenn is our Supervising Senior caseworker. He  is authorised by The Law Society through its Accreditation Immigration...

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Mrs. Shen Turgut is a qualified Paralegal. She is fluent in Turkish, and has worked in the areas of Immigration Law, Property Law...

Law Attorney


Loraine is our trainee legal assistant. She supports our caseworkers and solicitors and will be your first contact with us...

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Family Immigration

Let us worry about your family immigration visa concerns. We will help you through the immigration rules to ensure you are reunited with you relatives and loved ones. We can help you with:
Visitor Visas

Spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner Visa

Adult dependant relative Visa

Parent visa to join settled child in the UK or child Visa to join settled parent in the UK.

Family Reunion Visa  (Parent with refugee status).

​News Updates

Community and legal sector news



Many thanks Abess. I have finally found myself a good solicitor – it’s been a pleasure knowing you. You cared as much as I did. Thank you very much indeed.

M.S. Pannu

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